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About myPiitch

myPiitch allows job seekers to shoot and upload professional videos to pitch to potential employers.

Candidates showcase their knowledge and skills using visual and auditory cues as tailored video resumes.

Job seekers put themselves ahead, cutting through the clutter and connect with employers in real-time..

The new and simpler way to apply for jobs!

Whether you’re currently unemployed or looking for a new challenge, myPiitch is the best place to start.

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About myPiitch

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Register and discover our service offering. We put the spotlight on your unique skills and career goals.
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You can search, find, and apply to jobs using a video CV/Resume. Get the feedback that matter in real-time.
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Your video CV/Resume will open doors you never thought existed. Launch into the next level of your career.

Standout and get the attention of your next employer.

Most job seekers wish for an easier way to land their dream job
without having to navigate through tons of career websites and job portals.
myPiitch solves this exact problem.

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