Prepare Content for Profile Video Clip / Job Post You’re Applying To

Draft some bullet points or whatever works better for you – summarising the key items to cover in your video CV (e.g. Work experience, your strengths etc)


Select a Suitable Location

Choose a backdrop you like. Things to avoid:
• too much background noise;
• bright lights or the sun facing the camera;
• overly active or “busy” shots, which may distract the hiring manager.


Prepare the Phone Mount

Decide on where you will be positioning your phone, and setup the tripod (or other mount) in position for shooting.
The camera lens should be just below eye level when you’re in position to film. i.e. You should be looking slightly downwards at the lens.
No Tripod? No worries! You can stack books, use a stool, or prop the phone against other items you have handy to set the appropriate height and position the phone.


Switch on Flight Mode

Switch on Flight Mode to prevent any calls or interruptions while shooting.


Mount Your Phone

Secure your phone horizontally either in the Smartphone holder attached to the tripod (if you have one) or on your makeshift camera mount.
Make sure the screen is facing towards you. You’ll be using the front-facing camera.
As per Step 3, the camera lens should be just below eye level when you’re in position to shoot the clip.


Clean the Camera Lens

Clean the Camera Lens on the front of your phone to remove any fingerprints or smudges, preferably with a cloth.



Don’t have a Microphone? Don’t let that stop you! The built-in microphone will still work fine as long as you’re in a quiet environment without much background noise.



Make sure your phone is horizontal, and the shot is level. Avoid portrait mode or vertical.


Record a Test Video

Hit the Record button and complete a quick test video. Play it back to make sure you’re happy with the shot and the audio is working fine.


Record your Video CV/Resume – Happy Shooting!


When Starting:

Hit ‘Record’, get into position and wait at least 3 seconds before you start speaking. This way, your viewers won’t have to watch you settling into position while you’re starting to speak.

When Finishing:

Make sure to wait at least 3 seconds after you finish speaking before hitting the ‘Stop’ button. Don’t let the last thing your viewers see be you reaching for the stop button!